Resonances of pathogens can be identified energetically,
and defused by neutralised their energy.
Defused resonances of pathogens can no longer create symptoms,
inner Balance is restored,
Your Body begins to Heal.



Remote Consultations, Detecting and Lifting the Energetic Resonances of Pathogens (ERPs)*

What is the process?
Before to the assessment you are asked to complete a short questionnaire (email or online link) to give us an overview of your concerns.
The assessment is followed by a Zoom consultation call, to share the initial findings and discuss your concerns in more detail. Both help to pinpoint the issues and assist in finding imbalances, dis-eases or other ailments that trouble you. It might also highlight other issues you haven’t been aware of.

When detecting energetic resonances of pathogens (ERPs)*, we look for a variety of things from different categories including toxins, chemicals and heavy metals for example. All tests are done energetically, remotely and no machines are involved.

Once the assessment has been completed a detailed report will be sent to you, outlining the findings, showing you the areas of imbalances.

In the zoom call we will talk and guide you through the report so you can understand everything and ask questions.

Once you’ve decided which area(s) of concern you’d like to focus on and re-balance the healing sessions can begin.


Please read the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page before making a booking.
Further information can be found on the Formalities page.



Assessment of 150 Energetic Resonances of Pathogens (ERPs), lifting of three ERPs included        £125


Assessment of 500 Energetic Resonances of Pathogens (ERPs), lifting of five ERPs included        £195


Assessment of 1000 Energetic Resonances of Pathogens (ERPs), lifting of ten ERPs included        £335


Assessment of 1700 Energetic Resonances of Pathogens (ERPs), lifting of twelve ERPs included        £395


Lifting one further Energetic Resonance £22 (each) per session


Re-lifting the same Energetic Resonances of a Pathogens or lifting lower layers is free of charge for twelve months

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* Please note when referred to Pathogens we are referring to the
Energetic Resonances of Pathogens (ERPs) and not medical defined pathogens as such nor any other medical specified terms.  Everything we do is related to energy. No medical devices are used, nor is any medical diagnosis provided. The term pathogen is used in a non medical sense as the classification ‘pathogen’ derives from the Greek word páthos which means passion or suffering and which has been used for 1000s of years. All assessments, liftings and rebalances are done energetically and only energetic resonances are considered. *

Knowing that the testings and liftings work 100%, backed up by first hand personal experience as well as clients testimonials, we at Pathogen Balance are so very confident, that we are offering a money back guarantee to give you peace of mind. If you have completed at least two sessions and, in your opinion, you do not see or feel any improvements, we are more than happy to stop the Pathogen Whispering sessions and give you a refund. It is all about You and whilst we would like to assist you heal, it is You who needs to see and feel a betterment. If You believe it doesn’t help, then that is perfectly fine and your money is returned to you. No questions asked and no hard feelings.
Please note this excludes the initial consultation and assessment fee.