Welcome To Pathogen Balance

Pathogen Balance has been founded by Jen Brightlight, a certified Pathogen Whisperer, who graduated from the Pathogen Whisperer School in 2018. Her mission is to help people heal, so everyone can live life to the fullest, in optimum health.

Jen has been taught and guided by Tamsin Henman, Pioneer and Founder of the “Pathogen Whisperer” modality and the “Guild of Pathogen Whisperers”. Even though the study of Pathogenics isn’t new, Tamsin is a Pioneer in this field. Following on from clinical Homeopathy and using a type of Bio-Resonance Testing machine, Tamsin…..

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Pathogen Balance offers a variety of services which work well together and complement each other. Believing in variety and knowing human bodies respond well to it, the services offered are all interlinked to assist in maximising well-being and to strengthen the mind, body, soul and spirit.  Next to Pathogen Whispering, a natural energy healing therapy, we also offer Wellness & Aroma Balance consultations, Toxic Load Reduction consultations, Skin Wellness Support consultations and Re-balance your Microbiome consultations you might like to book. All consultations and services are designed to help increase your well-being and boost your body to encourage healing and restoring Balance.

Events & Shows

At Pathogen Balance we love doing shows and events to showcase what we do and spread the word about this unique modality and way of healing. Watch out for show specials, complimentary tickets and other great offers.

Emotion Balance

From time to time we all need a little help from nature. Perhaps some welcomed sunshine, essential oils or other natural products that have been produced to the highest purity and quality standards.

From a holistic point of view the physical, mental and spiritual bodies are considered connected and need to be in balance. Due to stressful jobs, unhealthy lifestyles and many other things we can get out of balance and therefore need to re-balance from time to time. Essential oils can assist the body to rebalance and increase not only physical but also the mental and emotional wellbeing.

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