Pathogen Whispering

Pathogen Whispering

"Energetic resonances of pathogens can be identified,
and neutralised by defusing their energy.
Defused Energetic Resonances of Pathogens™ (ERPs™)
can no longer create unwellness or dis-ease,
Balance is restored,
You Heal."
Jen Brightlight


What is Pathogen Whispering?
‘Pathogen Whispering’ is a modality developed and refiended by Tamsin Henman, who achieved distinction in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions caused by pathogenic infections from the Institute of Pathogenics and Clinical Homeopathy and a diploma in ‘Bio-Electric Function Diagnostics’ from the Kaizen School of Pathogenics and Clinical Homeopathy. Tamsin is a Pioneer in this field and a true contributor to the healing and evolution of humanity. After years of research and development and combining her knowledge of pathogenics, homeopathy, bio-resonance and radiesthesia, Tamsin created a new modality called ‘Pathogen Whispering’, which can detect and ‘defuse’ the energetic resonances of pathogens (ERPs).
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Worldwide Remote Healing?
Yes! Almost all sessions are done remotely, unless you meet Jen at a show or by appointment.
Based on the principles of quantum physics and the belief of interconnectedness, everything is energy and all living things are made of the same basic quantum material and connected through an invisible web. It is possible to tap in to these energy fields, communicate on an even cellular level and exchange information. Some Scientists claim that location in quantum physics ceases to exist at a certain level and all points in space become equal to all other points. Therefore sending and receiving energies or healing energies which are very subtle but effectively transmitted through the quantum world are really there, instant and independent of space and time. Therefore pathogen energy signatures, regardless of where you are located, can be identified, communicated with and cancelled out.


What is the process of a remote session?
First, you receive a short questionnaire which you complete and return.
A telephone or zoom call is arranged to discuss further and to get an overview of your imbalances and how you feel. The energetic assessment is done afterwards, followed by a pathogen energy healing session called clearing or lifting which includes the use of energetic resonances of flushers. During an energy clearing session a maximum of five energetic resonances of pathogens can be cleared, in intervals of forty eight hours, depended on how you feel and how well your body can tolerate it. It is always recommended to start slowly with the clearings, one or two ERPs per session, to see how you feel. Some people feel the energies really strongly and might experience a shift of energies or overwhelming relief, whilst others might not feel anything at all.


What to expect?
Energy healing is a subtle way of healing and whilst for some it is instant, it takes some time for others. It is impossible to generalise it as we are all unique beings and therefore everyone will venture on their own unique healing journey, which for some is immediate after a healing session, whilst for others it takes a few days or weeks, dependend on the issues addressed. Energetic resonances of pathogens (ERPs) are layered and similar to peeling an onion, which has many layers, pathogens might reveal layer by layer, which need to be uncovered and cleared. Clearing the same ERPs at lower layers is free of charge.
After clearing some energy resonances of pathogens, other ERPs might reveal which may have been suppressed previously. Additionally, it depends on how long you have had the energetic resonance of pathogens (ERPs). For example; we can detect for how long you have had certain energetic resonances of pathogens. If you have had them since you were ten years old and they are still present when you are sixty, then it might take longer to clear them because several layers have to be lifted. Some energetic resonances of pathogens can even be detected though the ancestory lines. Hence every healing journey is unique and could take several weeks, months or even years, dependent on how poorly you have been for how long. The capacity of your body’s healing abilities in helping with the removal of ERPs also plays a role which determines the recovery process.

You Heal.


* Please note when referred to Pathogens we are referring to the energetic resonances of pathogens (ERPs) and not medically or scientifically classed or specified pathogens. We are not using medical nor diagnostic devices and we are also not providing any kind of diagnostic nor diagnosis in the medical sense. Everything is related to energy and energetic resonances. *

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