About Pathogen Balance

About Pathogen Balance

Pathogen Balance was founded by Jen Brightlight in 2018, after she graduated from the Pathogen Whisperer School.  As a certified ‘Pathogen WhispererJen’s mission is to help people heal, so everyone can live life to the fullest, in optimum health.

Pathogen Whisperer Jen is also a university graduate, certified Aromatherapist, an aspiring Astrology student (intermediate level) and a continuous student of ancient wisdoms, esoteric knowledge and spirituality since 2013. Jen is passionate about natural techniques to cleanse, restore and heal the body, to enchance well-being and achieve balance. Using pure and plant derived foods, vitamins and minerals as well as plant and herbal essences Jen has developed a variety of programs to help her clients achieve well-being and balance. She has a passion for yoga, meditation, dance and music and uses it to create, enhance and share her resonance, vibration or frequencies.

Her ‘awakening’ journey started in 2008 when the book ‘The Secret’ came in to her life which changed everything. Deep inside the heart of her heart she knew that we have special powers and healing capabilities, however years continued to pass by and only in 2015 she finally began her own healing journey which still continues to this day. Since then Jen has radically changed her life, transformed her own health and the health of many others.  She is passionate about helping people heal naturally and loves to share her knowledge about natural healing techniques and gifts of the earths such as essential oils, herbs and herbal essences. Jen continuously strives to acquire more knowledge so she can share it to assist people transform their well-being and lives.

In 2017 she finally chose to embrace her path as a healer and decided that her mission was not to only to become an open ear, but to become an understanding heart to help others find the right solutions. On her path to healing herself she has been taught and guided by Tamsin Henman, Pioneer and Founder of the Pathogen Whispering™ modality and the “Guild of Pathogen Whisperers”. Even though the study of Pathogenics isn’t new, Tamsin is a pioneer in this field. Following on from clinical Homeopathy and using a Bio-Electric-Function detection methodology, Tamsin has done countless years of research and development, leading to the creation of this remote energy healing modality, called Pathogen Whispering, a natural energy healing technique, detecting energetic resonances of pathogens (ERPs). If you’d like to find out more about Tamsin, her work please see her website following this link www.pathogenwhisperer.com.
A certified Pathogen Whisperer is able to detect and defuse the Energetic Resonances of Pathogens (ERPs). Using a technique called Radiesthesia, also known as dowsing, this ancient art has already been used by the Egyptians and Chinese thousands of years ago. Today is ancient craft has regained much attention in the ‘Alternative’ and Wholistic fields. Not only is it possible to tune in to different energies and detect imbalances, with radiesthesia it is possible to identify the areas and causes of these imbalances and dis-eases and defuse them energetically.

Even though Radiesthesia is still ridiculed by the majority of science and medical professions, it has reclaimed its application due to the rise of interests in the metaphysical arts in recent years. A diviner of a pendulum or dowsing rod is capable of sensing the vibrations and radiations emitted from an object, earth, people, animals and vegetation. Those who practise the art of radiesthesia affirm that everyone has the ability to dowse however most are unaware of it due to the lack of need or interest.

Earth sensitive, psychically developed or intuitive people do not need to use a pendulum or divining rod. They have the ability to sense the information needed for divination and some can use their hands or fingers as a source of perception. This particular ability is called Dermo-Optic Perception.

Energy healing assists the body to heal and encourages it to use its own energy and power to restore to optimum balance and well-being. Energy healing works on the principles of quantum physics, considering the subtle bodies also called auric field, knowing all is energy.

You are energy, everything around you is energy and the whole universe is energy. If energy does not flow properly and is blocked, pain, tension, emotional imbalances and other things can manifest, leaving you feeling unwell and out of balance. Jen helps to relieve these imbalances, unwellness and dis-ease by stimulating your body’s energies so you can regain balance and heal.

What can Jen Brightligh help you with?
Jen can assist with relieving imbalances, including long-term, underlying and low level dis-ease and unwellness, heal you and your children energetically tuning in to the energetic resonances of pathogens (ERPs), lifting tensions, stress and blocked emotions, chakra balancing, energetic cord cutting, detoxing, how to incorporate plant essences in to your life and much more. To find out more get in touch jen@pathogenbalance.com



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